Custom data gathering for lifeguard agencies

A better way to collect lifeguard statistics and important beach data

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Collect more accurate data from your lifeguard team, faster: 
Paper forms and manual data input is outdated and slow. With Watchtower, you gain realtime insight into your beach's safety.

Staffing Efficiency

Reduce time needed to collect end of the day surveys and make more informed staffing decisions.

Budgeting Leverage

More precise activity data of daily operations means leverage when you present for grants and higher budgets.

Better Safety Information

Realtime data means better insights on beach safety. Heightened stingray activity? You will know.

Collect Beach activity data directly from every lifeguard's phone. Now you get insight in realtime, when it happens.

Custom reporting built for quicker decisions. Turn realtime information into quicker decisions and a safer beach.

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A mission to keep our beaches safe.
The beach is a place where families and friends enjoy one of the earth's most beautiful gifts. Our team is building tools to help agencies like yours continue these memories.

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Full-service solution for every lifeguard agency. Not every beach is the same and we understand that. That's why we work with you to customize Watchtower for your team.